Pay for Your Snacks With Photos at the Google Food Truck

Brand: Google Photos

Agency: Deeplocal

In a food truck stunt to promote Google Photos, Google is promising free snacks to people who can find a specific photo on their phone in 20 seconds.

The campaign, by Deeplocal, highlights the search functionality of Google Photos. It kicked off in NYC last week with a food truck featuring waffles from Wafels & Dinges. The idea is to challenge participants to beat a large mechanized countdown clock by locating a photo on their phone that falls into a popular Google Photos search category — for example, boat, dog or beach — within 20 seconds. As seen in the film here, those who can do so “”pay”” for their waffle by showing the matching image. Meanwhile, those who can’t get a free mini waffle instead (plus a lecture about how Google Photos could help them.)
In Los Angeles, the truck served up Coolhaus ice cream sammies, and the tour will finish with events in Portland (August 28- 29) and Austin (September 4-5).