S-Oil – Here Balloons

South Korea, is a country which is devoid of oil. In Seoul, where 1/4th of Koreans live, has one of the worlds highest gasoline consumption. Car usage is increasing as there is a car for every 2.5 people in this city. Parking spaces are scarce. On top of that petroleums cost are rising. People are stressed out. The situation is getting worse day by day.

Agency: Cheil Worldwide, Seoul, Korea

Brand: S-Oil

Everyday a Seoul driver wanders 500 meters to find a parking space. Which means
500m x 30 days = 15km a month or approximately 1 liter of gas

What if we could tell people there was a parking space right here? With HERE balloons, S-Oil did exactly that. They set up a bright yellow balloon in each space. The balloon falls when a car parks in the space, and rises again when the car leaves. Drivers could see the colourful balloons from far away and spot empty spaces. Quick parking means saving time and saving oil.

One easily spotted parking spot is worth 1 litre of oil saved. That means happier drivers and a healthier planet.

The Outcome
HERE balloons have saved drivers’ gas expenses through a new and interesting method. The campaign certainly helped drivers to save oil. In just one day, 700 cars used 23 litres less oil. Over a whole year, they saved much more. S-Oil had engaged with people: now they knew it was a company that cared about saving oil. They even put the balloons on their own gas stations. People now thought about cutting gas costs when they thought about S-Oil. S-Oil the oil seller gained the impression of an oil saving company.

1 day = 700 cars = 23 liters x 365 days = My Eyes Weeping with Joy

The Reaction
People felt there is nothing more economical than this especially in the times of high oil price. This seems to be a good idea since you can see empty parking space from distance. Kids are amused to see balloons in the parking lot. And now for some they just couldn’t make it without the balloons.

(Source: creativecriminals.com)