Bringing 10 years of album covers to life online

CANNES, France—What if, instead of just listening to music, you could play with it?

That question led French agency 84.Paris to create a gorgeous interactive campaign called “Because Recollection” for record label Because Music, celebrating 10 years of albums, cover art and videos. And that campaign just won the first-ever Digital Craft Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions festival here—a new category created this year to honor the best craft in digital campaigns.

Agency: 84paris

Brand: Because Music

See the case study here:

“It’s an amazing contextual piece for what we’re doing—it’s a celebration of work in a category that’s a celebration of work,” jury president Wesley Ter Haar, founder and COO of MediaMonks, said at a press conference here announcing the winners.

“It’s highly interactive. Digital craft comes from a place where interactivity is key. It is work that combines some of the best sound design we’ve seen, some of the best use of imagery we’ve seen. It does something that only digital can do—bringing a collection to life of this magnitude, and allowing you to interact with it in such a playful way. It’s the definition of what our jury should be awarding.”

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