Pokémon “#Pokemon20”

Pokemon released its first-ever Super Bowl commercial, which encourages kids to “train on.”

Created out of Omelet, the spot is part of a year-long campaign celebrating the media franchise’s 20th anniversary. Set in Rio de Janeiro, it features young people testing the limits of their passions as they tell themselves, “I can do that.” Its grandeur and production feel more like something you’d see coming from a big sports brand like Nike or Adidas for the World Cup or the Olympics, rather than an ad for a brand largely embraced by children.

Brand: Pokemon

Agency: Omelet

However, it’s filled with hidden Pokemon references, with the lyrics to the Pokemon theme song, for example, appearing on the top of a locker room door.

“For 20 years, the Pokemon world has inspired fans to train hard and have fun,” said J.C. Smith, senior director of consumer marketing at The Pokemon Company International, in a statement. “This ad is reflective of that passion, and I can’t think of a bigger stage to share this story than the Super Bowl.”

(Source: Creativity Online)