Hennessy Celebrates ‘The Piccards’ in Latest ‘Wild Rabbit’ Effort

Droga5 launched new spots for Hennessy this week celebrating one of the most impressive father-son feats in history as part of its ongoing “Wild Rabbit” campaign.

In 1931, physicist Auguste Piccard became the first man to reach the stratosphere (in a pressurized capsule and balloon). Nearly three decades later, in 1960, his son, Jacques, became the first to reach the deepest part of the ocean.

Brand: Hennessy V.S

Agency: Droga5 NY

Launch: April 2016

Droga5 tells the story with visual panache in the 90-second spot, directed by Daniel Wolfe. The spot relies on its stylized visuals to tell the story before finally informing viewers of the details right before its conclusion with the question “What’s your wild rabbit?” and a look at a bottle of Hennessy. While it seems a fair criticism that the action has little, if anything, to do with the brand (while Hennessy has been around since 1765, we’re fairly certain neither of the Piccards brought a bottle along on their respective expeditions), it certainly makes for a memorable and visually impressive ad, the rare 90-second spot that makes the most of its extended runtime. 60 and 30-second versions of the spot, meanwhile, are narrated by Nas.

“The part of the Piccard story that resonated strongly with me is the generational bond,” the rapper said in a statement. “My father traveled the world driven by his music and passion. That relentless chase and will to achieve that’s at the heart of Hennessy’s campaign has also helped shape my musical path. It’s in my blood.”

“For the past five years, Droga5 has strived to help the Hennessy brand continue to chase its own Wild Rabbit,” Droga5 global chief strategy officer Jonny Bauer told AdFreak. “In the spirit of The Piccards, the brand refuses to be satisfied and continues to reach for new heights.

(Source: Adweek)