Brussels Airlines creates two ads with same actors but 15 years apart, and we’re still tearing-up

In 2002, the Brussels Airlines released the It’s a Boy ad. And 15 years later, the airline re-created the ad with the same actor

There are a few commercials that come up with sequels to ads that touch our hearts the same way the originals did, and Brussels Airlines’ recently released commercial ranks among those.

On its 15th anniversary, the airline released an ad, which is a sequel to its popular and super successful 2002 commercial titled It’s a Boy. The commercials, created 15 years apart, feature the same actors.

In 2002, the airline released the It’s a Boy ad that shows its staff came together to inform Mr Smith that he has become a proud father of a baby boy. And 15 years later, the airline re-created the ad with the same actor, but this time its shows the staff wishing Mr Smith Jr Happy Birthday.

Like the 2002’s ad, the sequel has garnered praise from viewers. Several Facebook users commented saying that it is a “touching” ad.

“Wow such a big honour,” a user said.

“Men/boys too like surprises,” another said.

One user tagged her father and said, “Papa Remember this ad which u always quote as the best example of customer service.”

Check out the It’s a Boy and Happy Birthday commercials below:

(Source: International Business Times, India Edition)

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