Amstel Imagines a Charming Village Where Everybody Knows Your Name

Amstel Russia’s new spot is set in a European village of cobblestones, twisting roads and laundry hung out to dry; everybody seems drawn from central casting, from the mysterious woman on a motorbike to the grizzled fisherman in a yellow mackintosh. It’s all a bit quaint, but it’s charming nonetheless.

Brand: Amstel Russia

Agency: 180 Amsterdam

Launched: on July, 2016

The concept of the 60-second spot is that some guys in a pub want to get a beer to their buddy Alex, who’s stuck at work in a suitably picturesque location that isn’t revealed until the end. (In case you were worried that Alex was drinking on the job, fear not: Close inspection of the label shows it’s actually non-alcoholic Amstel.) Friendly villagers conspire to make sure Alex gets his beer, passing it along from pub to motorbike to boat.

The spot was created by 180 Amsterdam and directed by Björn Rühmen at Blink. According to the agency, this is its first major work for Heineken Russia since winning the pitch late last year. Amstel Premium Pilsner, a Heineken brand, was launched in Russia in 2011. The agency says it was asked to reposition the brand “as a premium European beer whose drinkers are a little more mature in their life choices, their friendships and their choice of tipple.”

(Source: The Creativity)