Offline Book – Math Paper Press

Agency: DDB Group Singapore

“Math Paper Press is the publishing arm of Singapore’s most famous independent book store, Books Actually. With everybody reading online in the digital age, Math Paper Press needed to find a way to keep books in print relevant.

To demonstrate that books never go offline, DDB Group Singapore turned offline pages into offline books.

Using simple HTML patches, DDB customised offline pages and turned them into book excerpts. So whenever people lost their internet connection indoors, in lifts, in trains, underground, etc, they loaded our book excerpts instead of generic offline pages. This reminded them, at the perfect time, that unlike online reading, real hardcopy books will never go offline.

Within a few months after the launch, Math Paper Press titles saw an increase in sales. More importantly, store traffic at Books Actually, the main carrier of Math Paper Press titles, increased by over 20%, signifying a renewed interest in hard copy books.

The offline book created widespread interest among website/blog owners. Early partners ranged from fine arts blogs and design studios to surprising adopters like an engineering site.”