Raw for the oceans – G-Star

G-Star and Bionic Yarn have partnered to present RAW for the Oceans. The long-term collaboration will use Bionic Yarn’s expertise in developing and manufacturing premium yarns and fabrics made from plastic waste collected from oceans that have been recycled and enhanced and G-Star’s mastery of denim to create the first denim collection made from recycled plastics found in the ocean. Bionic Yarn’s Creative Director, Pharrell Williams will serve as the collection’s co-designer. The partnership will also result in G-Star integrating Bionic Yarn material into its existing product lines. “G-Star has always been driven by innovation, and by integrating Bionic Yarn into our collection we’re taking the next step in creating denim for the future. We’re very excited about the long-term goals of this collaboration and to have Bionic as our business partner,” says G-Star’s Creative Marketing Officer, Thecla Schaeff

er of the innovative collaboration. The RAW for the Oceans collection will be available at select G-Star Raw stores and online starting August 15, 2014. Here, Schaeffer speaks to Life+Times about RAW for the Oceans, working with Pharrell, and creating denim for the future.


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  1. Hey Darren I’m working on a school project about G-star and I would like to ask you some questions if that is possible through e-mail. Greetings Karlijn


    1. Darren N. says:

      Just drop me the email. Let see if I can help 🙂


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