The Friend Finder – Pepsi Max

Brand: Pepsi Max

Agency: AMV BBDO London

Last month during the Wireless Festival in London, Pepsi Max and AMV BBDO posed an innovative solution to a familiar concertgoer problem: what to do when you lose your friends.

For a new film promoting Pepsi Max’s “What If…” campaign, the soda giant and AMV BBDO created three drone-powered “Friend Finders” which were dispatched among a crowd of 45,000 attendees to illustrate what would happen if Pepsi could help solve the annoying problem of losing your buddies in such a massive crowd.

According to the film, which happens to be pure fiction, visitors can just activate the “Friend Finder” app to summon the drones, which will then lead them all the way to their missing pals.

The ad was directed by M.O.D. of RSA Films.