Toyota and Droga5 Fuel Hydrogen Car With Real Bullsh*t

Brand: Toyota

Agency: Droga5 New York

Toyota’s first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Mirai, is quite literally fueled by bullshit in this film out of agency Droga5 N.Y., directed by Morgan Spurlock (“Super Size Me,” “Mansome,” “Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold”).

The agency took things way, way back to high school science class for this new campaign called “Fueled by Everything,” in which they make hydrogen fuel easier to understand by exposing its many sources.

In “Fueled by Bullsh*t,” the first in a series of upcoming short films, a mechanical engineer and a dairy farmer team up to follow cow manure as it is processed into hydrogen fuel for a Mirai. The fun-ducational clip will live on the Toyota Mirai webpage along with supporting content including expert opinions. It will also run across YouTube, Hulu, and other social and media sites. The next film is already in the works and the campaign is set to run through the fall, coinciding with the Mirai’s October California roll out.


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