This Audio Brand’s Sound Quality Is So Amazing, Even Honeybees Are Fooled

Brand: Bowers & Wilkins

Agency: Shuffle Media

Using Hive Recordings, the Bowers & Wilkins’ Speaker Attracts More Bees

In this clever video, British audio brand Bowers & Wilkins demonstrates the sound quality of its new T7 portable Bluetooth speaker using the elegant, calming sounds of bees.

The film follows a sound recordist — Sam Nightingale of Organic Sounds, who narrates the film — as he tries to capture and play the sounds of honeybees on the Bowers & Wilkins device. Nightingale (who sticks his microphone right into the hive) said he wants to put a theory to the test: if he can replicate the honeybees’ sounds with the speaker, will the bees flock to it thinking it’s a hive? The final shots of the film reveal that, in fact, they do. As well being a great way to show off the speaker, the video ends on a topical note about the preservation of bees.

It was directed by Dan Pickard of production company Shuffle Media, and filmed on location in Stone Corner Farm, Kent, England.