Watch A Quirky Orchestra Play Mozart After Chugging Suntory’s Energy Drink

Brand: Shuchu Regain

Agency: Party/Dentsu/Ignite

43 Coin Tosses, and Caffeine-Fueled Concentration, Make Music

Japan’s Suntory bills its product Shuchu Regain as an “energy drink for the brain.” Agencies Dentsu, Ignite and Party devised an eccentric experiment mixing Shuchu Regain with science, a Mozart tune and 43 people doing a near-simultaneous coin-toss.

In the video,dubbed “The Extreme Minuet: World’s Fastest Orchestra,” the “musicians” are 43 scientific-looking types in lab coats tossing coins into glasses filled to different levels, to make different musical notes. At normal speed, the coin toss just seems like two seconds of noise from clinking glasses. When the panning shot is slowed down, it’s revealed to be a Mozart tune.

Why Mozart? Researchers at Harvard and the University of Kyoto found that listening to Mozart minuets helps people focus. Incidentally, Party says the 43 coin-tossers practiced for hours to hit their target (and yes, they were actually drinking Shuchu Regain.)

The video is the second series of Shuchu Regain’s “concentration experiments.” In a video from July that amassed nearly two million YouTube views, a mad-scientist type challenged viewers to count the number of white lab coats in a busy laboratory, with a “gotcha” moment in the end.