E-mart – Sunny Sale Campaign

Competition in the household shopping department is big business and in South Korea, QR Codes have been used in the subways to help shoppers shop while en route to work. E-mart however has a different problem, a low number of shoppers during lunch hour, 12pm to 1pm. Their solution: a 3D QR Code activated by the ‘noon’ Sun.

Agency: Cheil World Wide

Brand: E-mart

As the Sun is at its highest peak near 12pm to 1pm, the shadow cast by the model produces a working QR Code that can be scanned by smartphones.

The code gives shoppers access to special shopping coupons under the Sunny Sale campaign and raised Emart membership by nearly 60%. Sunny Sale Campaign will go on to win multiple awards such as the London International Awards and Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

(Source: hongkiat.com)