Fly Me to My Dream

W+K Amsterdam and Tellart took off on a flight of imagination for Russia’s S7 Airlines by setting up a neuro-technology installation at a Moscow mall and inviting passersby to play mind games—literally—in order to win free trips to their dream destinations.

Agency: W+K Amsterdam and Tellart

Brand: S7 Airlines

Participants were seated in front of a projection map of the globe. Two paths appeared: a direct route to their destination, and paths that would vary based on each participant’s level of concentration. Those able to guide their virtual planes to their preferred locale in 45 seconds won actual round-trip tickets to those cities. All told, 50 folks won the trip of their dreams, and everyone who played received 5,000 S7 priority air miles.

The effort attracted more than 80 million earned-media impressions. What’s more, 4,500 people signed up for the S7 loyalty program on the day of the event, and over the course of the campaign, S7 enjoyed a 20 percent lift in online bookings.

(Source: Adweek)