Holograms for Freedom for NoSomosDelito

Deeply concerned over restrictions passed in Spain’s Congress over the right to assemble publicly and protest, known in Spain as “The Gag Law” almost 100 rights organizations banded together to form NoSomosDelito (WeAreNotCrime).

Agency: DDB Spain

Brand: Spain Government

The aim: informing citizens about the meaning of these reforms, which the groups believe restrict fundamental rights such as freedom of expression and assembly in the name of “citizens’ security”—and to pressure the Spanish government to ease the reforms.

The tactic: holographic images were stitched together from uploaded protests captured on a website that put people in the streets in a virtual manner. The virtual protests were then projected onto a screen in front of Spanish Parliament on April 10, generating worldwide news coverage. —Michael Bürgi

(Source: Adweek)