Island Immersion Room for Palazzo del Sol

Talk about a room with a view! For Fisher Island Realty Sales in Florida, SapientNitro set up a special high-tech room designed to give prospective condominium buyers a truly immersive experience of the Palazzo del Sol, a tony residential tower off the coast of Miami, with units priced from $6.5 million.

Agency: SapientNitro

Brand: Fisher Island

The immersion room featured an elaborate gesture-control system centered on a multi-touch digital table that allowed sales agents to pull up and manipulate Palazzo plans and photography. With the wave of a hand, these images were made to zip from the table onto ultra-high-def video walls. Buyers could get unfettered, sparkling views of the luxurious interiors and lush grounds, even though the actual construction hadn’t been completed.

“The table has definitely made it easier to sell,” says Fisher sales executive Viktoria Eldridge. Ultimately, Fisher Island sold more than 50 percent of the Palazzo units in just three months, an impressive performance given the lofty price point. —David Gianatasio

(Source: Adweek)