New Eurostar Instagram Campaign – La Vie On Board

To celebrate its new fleet of trains, Eurostar launched its new Instagram campaign called La Vie On Board. Naturally, Eurostar advertised the new service across traditional and new media, however, the Instagram campaign, @LaVieOnBoard, is particularly remarkable.

If you have already traveled with the Eurostar, you may have thought that the trains were just… meh. I certainly thought so. Fortunately, this has changed with the arrival of a brand new fleet of trains, which now come with a set of upgrades passengers had long cried out for: free wi-fi, USB chargers as well as up to 300 hours of TV and movie content.

Brand: Eurostar

Agency: AKQA

The new Instagram campaign highlights these in more ways than one: it is made of circa 200 still and animated images and taps into Instagram’s horizontal potential, creating a rich and light-hearted illustrated narrative with educational content, a showcase of the features on the new trains, as well as a preview of the travel experience for passengers.

To experience the campaign, users have to turn their devices on their side instead and scrolling from side to side instead of up and down. As such, the campaign is effective on mobile devices only.

The campaign involves a series of popular Instagram influencers, with Eurostar working hand-in-hand with photographer ByAfrique, fashion blogger Adenorah and French foodie Plus Une Miette. Users were invited to share a selfie using the #eurostar hashtag, for a chance to win tickets between Paris and London.

Have you ever harnessed the horizontal potential of Instagram? Let us know in the comments.

(Source: WeAreSocialMedia)