Lowe’s: Can You DIY On Snap(chat)?

Snapchat is becoming a sexier platform by the day. Not only because it has some exciting new features coming up, but mostly because brands seem to have finally discovered how to use it properly. And as a result, we’re seeing some really cool campaigns lately.

Agency: Lowe’s

Brand: DIY

In the US, Lowe’s are DIY retail specialists. Together with BBDO, they chose to use Snapchat for their new campaign, and have created a series of DIY projects dubbed “In a Snap”, that make users literally take part in the action.

Playing around with Snapchat Stories, and how you can tap your way through them, Lowe’s invites you on a series of interactive DIY lessons. You will have to hammer down nails, put up kitchen tiles, and maybe even put the kettle on if you have a done a good enough job of it.

This is not the first time we see brands taking advantage of the “tap” interaction on Snapchat. But Lowe’s approach is amazing, because it is fun, and totally in line with their business. I love it. What do you think?

(Source: wersm.com)