Coca-Cola’s Ingenious Holiday Bottle Has a Label You Pull Into a Festive Bow

Can a classic drink be a gift in itself?

Coca-Cola’s new Christmas campaign in the U.K. includes “bow bottles”—1.75-liter containers with a label that transforms into a bow. And while lots of brands roll out special packaging for the holidays—grocery store aisles are peppered in red and green this time of the year—the bow is a unique attention grabber.

A YouTube user demonstrates below:

Coke—whose innovative packaging ideas, from names on the bottles to incredible caps, are legendary—released the new bottles at the same time as its Coca-Cola Christmas truck tour, which is traveling the U.K. to celebrate Coke’s “Holidays Are Coming” TV ad, running for 20 years now.

The delightfully festive bottles are available for Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Life, Coca-Cola Zero and Diet Coke. Sadly, you can only get them in the U.K., so excuse us while we resign ourselves to drinking plain, unadorned Diet Coke like peasants.

See more fancy bottle action below.

(Source: Adweek)

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