Tesco Solving pre-Christmas worries

Tesco is going down a similar route. The grocer is looking to solve customers’ pre-Christmas worries with its ‘Bring It On’ campaign, featuring actors Ruth Jones and Ben Miller, who have starred in the supermarket’s most recent ads.

The ad, created by BBH, sees Jones walking through the supermarket, worrying about where to put the tree, what food to buy and what presents to get. The retailer claims to have everything customers need to start planning and preparing for Christmas, so they “can make the most of the big day”. This is a similar approach to Tesco’s campaign in 2015.

Brand: Tesco

Agency: BBH

Both grocers’ Christmas campaigns failed to hit home with consumers last year. YouGov BrandIndex figures showed that Asda’s purchase consideration score among consumers fell -2.7 percentage points from 32.5 points (1 November) to 29.8 (24 November). Meanwhile, Tesco saw a drop in its ad awareness score, falling -2.5% to 28.5 over the same period.

(Source: Marketingweek)