A Girl and Her Snowman Are BFFs in a Christmas Ad to Warm Your Frozen Heart

It’s almost Christmas, but don’t worry! There’s still time to weep openly at commercials, and this “Lily & the Snowman” spot by Zulu Alpha Kilo for Cineplex is just the thing for that. (And since it’s also screening in Cineplex theaters, you can cry like a coal miner’s widow right out in public.)

In the animated spot, a Frosty-esque snowman makes elaborate shadow puppets for a little girl, who keeps him alive by locking him in a freezer for most of the year. That sounds really weird, but the cuteness kicks in when the girl grows up and remembers her sun-averse friend during a late night at work. That was when the sobbing began in earnest for many viewers, judging by the YouTube comments.

Brand: Cineplex

Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

And if the story and visuals don’t get you, the music might. The song—a cover of Genesis’ “Follow You, Follow Me” by Adaline—is sung at just the pitch for eliciting sad, nostalgic and/or wistful feelings.

There’s been no word about which movies this short will precede, but something tells us Star Wars will be one of them. With all the nerd tears already being shed over the latest movie in that franchise, it would certainly make the most sense.

(Source: Adweek)