IKEA Launches ‘Make Room For Your Life’

IKEA announced today that the 2018 IKEA U.S. catalog, filled with new product offerings, home furnishing inspiration, and smart solutions for every area of the home, will be available to the public starting this August. With a particular focus on the living room, this year’s catalog is themed “Make room for life,” highlighting IKEA home furnishing solutions that enable people to live a better everyday life at home by helping them make room for the things they love.

The new catalog inspires consumers to look beyond the walls of their homes and create a comfortable space for the important things in their lives, whether it be family and friends or nature and relaxation.

Brand: IKEA

Agency: Acne

Release: Aug, 2017


“We are encouraging people to make space for their needs and dreams,” said Shideh Hashemi, Marketing Manager, IKEA U.S. “As homes rapidly change to fit our lifestyles, we want to inspire and enable people to make room for the things they love in life.”

IKEA, the leader in life at home, understands that how we meet, socialize and live in our homes has changed, especially in the living room. It is now a fluid space that serves many purposes, but still with comfort at its core. For this reason, IKEA is developing smart, affordable home furnishing solutions that can be adapted and customized. From a media center that doubles as a storage unit to a modular sleep-sofa for a home full of visitors, IKEA designs multi-purpose solutions that enable consumers to create the living room that works best for them and meets their needs for everyday life at home.

(Source: IKEA)


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