Mcdonald’s Christmas ad 2017 – Little girl follows tradition of leaving reindeer a carrot – but would you get it from a drive thru?

The generous schoolgirl does all she can to keep hold of her festive veg so the reindeer don’t go hungry on Christmas morning.

CHRISTMAS might all be about the presents but one little girl is determined to make sure Santa’s reindeers aren’t left out.

McDonald’s has launched its latest Christmas ad  – and we think the tale of the youngster who will do everything she can to keep hold of her last carrot will go down a storm.


Brand: McDonald’s

Agency: Leo Burnett

Release: November 2017

Campaign: #reindeerready

We start off with the little girl and her dad at a McDonalds restaurant
The 90-second ad begins with the little girl and her dad taking a well-deserved break from Christmas shopping at a McDonald’s restaurant.

She doesn’t want to eat her last carrot stick as she wants to make sure that Santa’s reindeer gets a present for all his hard work on Christmas Eve.

After carefully carrying it all the way home via the shops, Christmas markets and bus, she proudly shower her mum her prized-present.

But then her older brother lets her know that there’s not just one reindeer which Santa relies on.

So dad and daughter embark on a late-night journey to one of the fast food chain’s 24-hour drive thrus where they pick up another bag of carrot sticks.

And while dad tries to order a cheeseburger for “Father Christmas”, the little girl reminds him Santa only eats mince pies so there’s no need to bother.

The advert will air for the first time this evening during Channel 4’s Gogglebox, which begins at 9pm.

Emily Somers of McDonald’s UK, said: “We are very excited to unveil the creative campaign we’ve been working on for Christmas 2017.

“Our campaign focuses on the anticipation, excitement and little moments of magic the run-up to Christmas brings.

“Our TV focuses on one little girl’s preparation for the big day, saving a carrot stick for the reindeer, a tradition the whole country will relate to.”

The ad is part of its #reindeerready campaign, which also includes the fast food giant launching its Christmas menu.

(Source: The Sun UK)